Company Profile

I.T.P's institutional shareholding is mainly composed of Franco-Belgian and Spanish investors which assure I.T.P's development.

ITP develops its activities in most of Latin America and should provide not only equipment and services for third parties but, also, turn-key contracts for the building of Wind Farms, management and maintenance of Wind Farms and equity for some projects where it holds special shareholding levels.

To this date, ITP has on-going project research and development in countries like Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras and France.

I.T.P. has established on site local support and assistance for engineering works (civil, electrical and mechanical engineering) so that we can assess, design and fully support the design and implementation of wind farms.

Industria Tecnológica Panameña S.A.

In February 2007, I.T.P. joined the PANAMA INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGICAL PARC at the CIUDAD DEL SABER (CITY OF KNOWLEDGE) an International Foundation gathering the most technologically advanced Companies in the continent as well as some International Organizations and various United Nations programs for Latin America, the offices of the Organization of American States or NASA programs.

From the CITY OF KNOWLEDGE we carry out our normal activities and participate, as active members, in the INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (CIDES).