Environmental Asessment

Environmental Asessment

Industria Tecnológica Panameña S.A.

I.T.P can proceed to prepare environmental assessment studies with the help of NGO’s, and Government Environmental Agencies and will include the following details:


A.    Covered sectors: 

-         Environment

-          Ground

-          Vegetation

-         Fauna

-          Habitats

-          Geology

-         Hydrogeology

-          Landscape

-         Socio-economical 


B.     Valuation and identification of environmental impact during the various phases of a wind farm project

-          Construction phase:

Effects created by the opening of roads and accesses and by the movement of machines.

Actions that will cause effects as the destruction of the vegetal layer, activation of erosive processes and effects on fauna.

-          Exploitation phase: Effects due exclusively to the presence of Electrical Wind Generators as:

Effects on landscape taking into account, specially, environing population.

Bird fauna: collision of birds, modification of bird behavior as well as the behaviors of other animals that may imply a loss of environmental quality by reduction of bird population or non-desired effects on the rest of the fauna and cattle.

Noise effects.

Dangers to the population because of the Generators.

Electromagnetic perturbations.

Other impacts (tourism…)

-          Abandon phase: Effects in the environment in the event of the shut-down of the Wind Farm .