Technical/Economical Asessment

Technical and financial asessment

Industria Tecnológica Panameña S.A.


The consulting works done by our group in this matter covers, jointly with the wind collection data:


1.     Assessment in electrical sector:

- Fare related subjects.

2.     Design and inspection of potential electrical infrastructures like medium and high tension sub stations, electrical systems for transmission and distribution.

3.     Design and inspection of underground infrastructures for power servicing of residential, commercial or industrial sites.

4.     Electromechanical installations in medium and high tension sites.

5.      Delivery and installation of measuring systems for medium and high tension sites.


All economic/financial consulting works cover and detail all real and hypothetic data and arguments needed for the preparation of the economic and financial analysis as well as obtained results:


1.   Determination of the required investment: The amount to invest in the construction and start-up of a wind farm divided in its various components, as promotion expenses, engineering projects, civil works, wind turbine generators, farm’s internal substation and connection of the machines to said substation and connection of the farm’s substation to the authorized evacuation point.

2.   Determination of income: Income is determined by the sale of all kW/h delivered to the grid or, directly, to users for the price of such kW/h.

3.   Exploitation expenses of the wind farm: Determined in a detailed manner all expenses including real estate costs, operation and maintenance, insurance policies, energy, exploitation personnel, administration, audits...

4.    Financing: Estimate of the third party financing capacity for the wind farm.


All real data collected and all hypotheses taken into consideration are integrated into a typical results account for wind farms and via this process we will obtain return on investment projections for each of the scenarios taken into account.