Wind Asessment

Wind Asessment Consulting

Industria Tecnológica Panameña S.A.

I.T.P incorporates within its commercial and consulting activities the ones regarding the valuation of wind resources via direct wind measurements and which include:


A.    Permit procedures

1.     Application and follow-up of any permits or authorizations required to perform any of the requested tasks.

B.     Manufacture and delivery of goods

I.T.P manufactures the towers and passive equipment for wind measurements. All active equipment is purchased from our professional partners and calibrated and tested prior to installation and usage at wind tunnels like those available at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T).

C.    Installation

1.      Foundations and, in general, all groundwork.

2.     Handling and transportation.

3.      Erection works including cranes, installation and other works.

4.     Delivery and mounting of:  calibrated anemometers,  wind vanes,solar panels,  GSM equipment. 

D.   Collection, treatment and data delivery

1.      Remote control of measuring equipment.

2.     Periodical collection of measuring data for wind speed and direction, temperature and pressure.

3.      Treatment of all data obtained from sensors.

4.      Exploitation of all collected raw data via graphs and reports

5.     Routine monthly visits to collection points for preventive maintenance works.

7.      Local and remote supervision of all measuring points via a Central Control System.

E.     Dismounting of installations

1.     Dismounting of all non-fixed equipment after a minimum data collection and study period of 12 months. 

F.    Warranty: We warranty an average availability of measuring sites of 95% if (i) measuring site is equipped with minima recommended replacement parts, (ii) measuring site is available 24 hours/day and 7 days/week, and  (iii) telephone connection weather land or cell exists.