T-600 - 600kW Wind Turbine Generator

T-600 - 600 kW asynchronous Wind Turbine Generators

Industria Tecnológica Panameña S.A.

The T600-48 wind turbine, has a 48m-diameter rotor. This is the largest diameter in the world for a rated capacity of 600kW. The large-sized rotor makes the T600-48 especially well suited for inland wind conditions.

The T600-48 is certified by CIWI and built conform to ISO 9001 quality standards.

The hub height varies from 50m to 60m. The rotor speed ranges from 15 to 23 rpm. The T600 has a 690-volt induction generator operating from 1,000 or 1,500 rpm.
The prototype was located in Zeebrugge. Its annual production of 2,300,000kWh covers the needs of some 700 households.

The T600 is also available with a rotor diameter of 46m, which makes the turbine suitable for class-1 sites.