TML-25 "tilt-up" Wind Turbine Generators

TML-25 "tilt-up" Wind Turbine Generators


Industria Tecnológica Panameña S.A.

Start- up Wind Speed : 2,5 m/sec
Cut – in Wind Speed : 3,0 m/sec.
Rated Wind Speed : 12 m/sec.
Cut-out Wind Speed: 25 m/sec.
Maximum design Wind speed @ 60 m/sec.
Maximal Power : 30 KW @ 14 m / sec
Rotor Diameter : 11 m.
Rotor Speed : 122 RPM.

Over speed protection : Generator electronic Drive and fail – safe Brake on Low Speed Shaft.
Gearless Yaw Bearing.

Generator : 4 – pole Induction ( Asynchronous ) OR permanent magnets Generator.
Standard Voltage : 380 V / 50 Hz.

Standard steel Tubing.
Sectional build – up.
Equipped with Guy Wires and Gin Pole for crane less installation.
This "tilt-up" turbine manufactured by TYPHOON MASTER S.A. is designed for trouble free installation and operation in remote areas. The turbine is made of 2 Blades and linked to, either, a 4 – pole asynchronous generator by means of a Low Speed Shaft and a step-up Gearbox or to a permanent magnets generator.

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